Monday, February 7, 2011

Canon Pixma IP2770 Error 5200(Alternative Solution)

Got your Canon IP2770 brand new, used for few weeks or days, and out of the blues, suddenly you can’t print, and it appears “Error 5200″ on your computer screen, asking you to switch off and on the printer to try again. And then the same error occurs again when you try to print.
But when you switched the printer on, nothing weird happens. Everything is just normal. Problem arise when you send a print job to the printer.
Very annoying is it? Send it to nearest computer store and some of them told you that the motherboard fails, so you can throw the printer away and buy a new one?
That’s one great solution to this worth trying.

1. Switch on the printer, while its moving the cartridge carriage unit, plug out the power cable. Open the printer’s cover.

2. So, now the printer is off, and the cartridge carriage unit is located somewhere in the middle or any side. Pull it to the middle of the printer.

3. Take out both cartridge from the carriage unit, and leave the “Lid” open wide.

4. Now turn on the printer with the Lid still open. The carriage unit will now move to the left and to the right, and then stop again at the middle.

5. Now, you can put back the cartridges according to the color code: C for Color, B for Black.

6. Close the cover, and try to print a page.

7. Voila. Are you smiling now? Are you happy?
Just to share this worthy info with you all.


  1. Awesome..It works......Thanks a ton

  2. The only solution that works. Saved me a lot of trouble, especially since this happened to two of my units already and the previous solutions suggested are epic fails. Thanks a lot and a big up!